Dungeon Leap

Catching Up With The Party

This post is meant to be a catch-up post, as the party has been through a number of encounters now prior to creating this portal.

Who’s Who?

a’Ban – Tiefling Warlock

Rodict – Human Shaman

Tarak – Half-Orc Fighter

Problems in Syril

After hearing rumors of that the city Syril, located on a flying earthmote over the lands of Faerun, was having some troubling issues with their neighbors, the three adventurers made their way to the city. There they were greated by a small group of guards who requested to take them to the Chancellor of the city.

On the way back to talk with Chancellor Aelophal, the party and guards were attacked by a group of darkly clad figures waiting in ambush at a bridge. While a’Ban decided to sit back and allow the guards to deal with the issue, Rodict and Tarak both joined the fight to stop the attackers. After quickly dispatching the attackers, they were quickly rushed to the Chancellor’s office.

Chancellor Aelophal had two issues that needed to be resolved. First was to find out the source of the attacks the city had been having recently. These darkly clad figures had been taking both the local residents and any who would come to their aid. Second was more important, some how the Earthmote’s normal travel path had been altered, and they were heading straight towards a hostile nation’s borders. The only leads anyone had for either issue was it seemed like the attackers were coming from an area north east of the city.

The party agreed to help the Chancellor and set off to the north east to see what they could find. After travelling to a small village, the rumors increased of attackers coming from a smaller isle connected to the large land mass. After successfully sneaking onto the island, they found a series of caves that the attackers seemed to be using as a base camp. With more research and a number of fights, the party eventually found a small room with a glowing orb and a group of enchanters trying to keep it powered through some ritual.

After successfully breaking the orb and ending the ritual, the ground started to shake. Barely managing to escape the caves and get off the small isle, they notice it starting to travel back on the original trajectory of the earthmote. Not only have they discovered the source of the attackers, a group a rogues and assassins that operate out of the hostile nation the earthmote is headed towards, but it seems they’ve discovered the source of the magic forcing the earthmote off track. Now just to find the other orbs that are pushing the city of course.


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